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The mixture of adrenaline, adventure and the feeling of merging in a world far from my culture, from my home; this is the energy that feeds me and makes me feel alive: TRAVELING

Ok, let me introduce myself! My name is Eleonora, I'm 30 years old and I've always traveled. I grew up in Sicily surrounded by the sun, blue sea and golden beaches ; but soon, the feeling of being a citizen of the world pushed me to finish my university and move to the United Kingdom. London, my current city has shaped me. Its multiculturalism has given me the opportunity to connect with different cultures and at the same time be able to reach distant destinations with extreme simplicity.

One of the moments I particularly love is the study and detailed planning of the trip, going beyond the tourist destination, thus finding the 'heart' of the place I will explore. 

As a graduate working in London, I learned the art of finding economic solutions with limited budgets. Although my finances were limited, I created emotional journeys; like crossing the tundra in campers or enjoying pastel sunsets in the desert dunes.

In this way, I realised that my passion was so great that I could share this energy in others, so I created my own activity.

I would like to set myself this goal with Elearound, give you the right key to look at the world from another perspective.I saw and created my own world, now it's up to you!





Tell me about yourself, your dream trip, your passions and your budget


I'll look for the best solutions regarding accommodation and air flights. I'll also offer you stimulating excursions and various activities


Reach your destination as an adventurer. I will support you from home

Travel has never been easier!

What are you waiting for? Choose your new destination and I will help you reach it!